Crestron PyngHome Automation Starter Package

Bob's Smart Home Starter Package

Package Overview

Investing in our Home Automation Starter Package empowers you to confidently control and customize your heating and cooling, lighting and security system to fit your lifestyle, making your home even more comfortable, convenient and luxurious. Control your thermostat, front door lock, and a myriad of lifestyle lighting scenes from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Create system schedules that make life easier and more enjoyable for you.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have your smart home automatically turn the heat up and light a pathway when you unlock your front door at night? How about programming your lights to power off and your thermostat to lower the temperature in the home automatically when you lock the door as you leave. You can do that and so much more with Crestron Pyng and Bob’s Smart Home.

Make Life Enjoyable & Secure


Crestron Pyng Hub Main Controller
Asus Wifi Gig-a-Bit Router
Crestron Smart Thermostat
Crestron Yale Smart Door Lock
Five (5) Crestron Smart Dimmers/Lighting Keypads
Installation & Programming Included
3 Year Limited Warranty
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