Crestron PyngSecurity Option Package

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Package Overview

Invest in Bob’s Smart Home Security Option Package with confidence and peace of mind. Protect your home, family, pets & valuables from intruders and property damage. Remotely arm or disarm & check the status of your home’s security system from anywhere with your smart phone, tablet or PC. With the Security Option Package, you can automate your home to arm the security system, automatically turn off lights, adjust the heating and cooling, and lock all the doors with a single action or touch of a button. When added to your Home Automation Starter Package, we can further integrate your security system to trigger other devices within your smart home, such as turning all of the lights on in the house when the burglar alarm is triggered, or lighting a pathway through the home when the fire alarm sounds. Protect your home and family with the Security Option Package.

Protect Your Home And Family


Honeywell Vista 20P Panel
Security Keypad
Three (3) wireless door sensors
One (1) motion detector
Two (2) wireless smoke alarms
Flood Detection
Carbon Monoxide Sensors
24 hour police and fire monitoring
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